AMFTRB Practice Test for the MFT National Exam

AMFTB is pleased to offer online practice assessment exams for the MFT National Exam. Exam candidates can use these exams to help assess their knowledge level before taking the actual exam. The assessment exams were developed using actual test questions from previous exams. These exams will give candidates the opportunity to become familiar with the format of the test questions and will provide an indication of preparedness for the actual exam. It is the closest assessment exam to the "real thing" on the market today since it is the only assessment exam designed and developed by AMFTRB. The National MFT Exam practice tests are designed to give candidates exposure to the kinds of questions that appear on the actual examination, enabling candidates to gauge their test preparation.

Why Take the Practice Exam?

The practice exam is designed to help you

  • assess your level of MFT knowledge and experience.
  • expose you to the types of questions you will see on the actual exam.
  • determine if you have the right experience and knowledge to attempt licensing as a marriage and family therapist.
  • gain practice experience in viewing and responding to items in an electronic environment as the items are actually presented during the examination and in a timed format, including the ability to mark questions for review or as "skipped" to be returned to later.

What You Need to Know

You may take any of the assessment exams at anytime, any place, using a computer that can connect to the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari web browsers. The assessment exams will not run on Netscape Navigator.

  • Each exam fee is $60.00, payable only by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche and Discover credit cards are accepted).
  • You may take the exam as many times as you like; however, you will be charged the full assessment exam fee each time you register for an exam.
  • The 100 questions on each exam will remain the same each time you take the exam.
  • The exam clock compensates for slow modems or busy web periods.
  • You will receive your overall score as well as a breakdown by domain at the end of the exam. Answers to the exam items are not provided. The practice exam is designed to show strong and weak areas by domain of your knowledge and experience.
  • A passing or failing score on the assessment exam does not guarantee a similar outcome on the actual exam. It can, however, be a good indication of your preparedness.

Please read all the information carefully before proceeding to the exam.

The Practice Exam vs. The Actual MFT National Exam

The practice exams have been developed by MFT content experts using the same methodology used to develop the actual MFT National exam. Because the practice exam questions are actual test questions that have appeared on previous exams (but have been removed from the bank of test questions), the questions on the practice exam are formatted in the same way as the actual exam questions. It is important to note that a passing or failing score on the assessment exam does not guarantee a similar outcome on the actual certification exam. It can, however, be a good indication of your preparedness.

Assessment Exam Fee and Credit Card Options

The cost to take each practice exam is $60.00. This is payable only by credit card whenever you are ready to take an exam. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Carte Blanche and Discover credit cards are accepted as payment for the practice exam. Candidates will be charged the full exam fee each time they register for an exam. If you choose and begin taking an exam, you will be charged for that exam and will have to pay the fee again if you choose to take that exam again or if you choose another exam. You will not be able to apply for a refund. You are welcome to take an exam as many times as you like; however, the $60.00 fee will be collected each time.

Plan and Prepare

Before taking a practice exam, be sure to allocate enough time to complete the entire exam. You will be allotted two hours (120 minutes) to take the practice exam. This time frame simulates the actual MFT National Exam time period, which is four hours. If you will need extended time on the actual exam due to a disabling condition, you will be able to have an additional one hour (60 minutes), which will provide you with three hours (180 minutes) on the practice exam to ensure a simulated exam experience. Each exam must be completed within the allotted time. The exam clock compensates for slow modems or busy web periods. Your actual "screen time" will be equal to the time period you choose. The clock will also adjust for any time lost moving from one question to the next. If at any time during the exam process you experience technical difficulties or problems utilizing your MFT Practice Exam online user ID and PIN, please click on the "Feedback" button at the upper right-hand portion of the screen.

Exam Scores

The assessment exams have been equated to the same standard of the actual MFT National Exam to provide an indication of your level of preparedness. At the end of a practice exam the overall score (0-100) will be presented to you in terms of the number and percentage of questions you answered correctly. The actual exam raw scoring is 0-200.

Your overall score represents the sum of your scores in each domain area. The minimum passing score for each domain area is calculated by applying the passing percentage required for the overall exam to each domain area. Your scores are stored permanently and you can retrieve them again at any time free of charge. AMFTRB does not provide answers to the individual questions contained in the practice exam. The practice exam is designed to provide feedback about your strengths and weaknesses within the five domains rather than by individual exam questions.

For the actual exam, you do NOT need to obtain a minimum passing score in each domain area to be successful on the exam. Strong performance in one area can compensate for weaker performance in another. The overall score is expressed in a raw score ranging from 0 to 100 with a minimum passing score.

The practice examination is scored immediately so you can use the results in your exam preparation. Your results from the MFT National Examination are available approximately six weeks after the close of the examination administration window from your state licensing board. PTC (Professional Testing Corporation) must wait until the administration window has closed to perform the statistical analyses of the test data. Once the analyses are completed, test score results are sent to your state licensing board office for distribution to examinees.

Browser Compatibility

This site is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari web browsers.